Chen-Yu started his Ph.D. in fall, 2018 at KAUST.

Combining his interests in fundamental systems and the trend of machine learning, Chen-Yu is collaborating with colleagues on developing efficient distributed machine learning systems, to be specific, trying to alleviate network bandwidth bottleneck by offloading aggregation operations to network devices (see DAIET).

During his time at Academia Sinica, Taiwan, Chen-Yu worked on techniques for digitalizing handwriting and ancient Chinese calligraphy.


  • Distributed Machine Learning Systems


  • B.S. in Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering, 2016

    National Taiwan University

Recent Publications

Efficient Sparse Collective Communication and its application to Accelerate Distributed Deep Learning

Efficient collective communication is crucial to parallel-computing applications such as distributed training of large-scale …

Compressed Communication for Distributed Deep Learning: Survey and Quantitative Evaluation

Powerful computer clusters are used nowadays to train complex deep neural networks (DNN) on large datasets. Distributed training …

On the Discrepancy between the Theoretical Analysis and Practical Implementations of Compressed Communication for Distributed Deep Learning

Compressed communication, in the form of sparsification or quantization of stochastic gradients, is employed to reduce communication …

Natural Compression for Distributed Deep Learning

Due to their hunger for big data, modern deep learning models are trained in parallel, often in distributed environments, where …

Scaling Distributed Machine Learning with In-Network Aggregation

Training complex machine learning models in parallel is an increasingly important workload. We accelerate distributed parallel training …




JUNCTIONxKAUST 2018 second prize. Integrate Augmented Reality to indoor navigation.


DAIET performs data aggregation along network paths using programmable network devices to alleviate communication bottlenecks in distributed machine learning systems

Shaheen Supercomputer Evaluation

Evaluate different processors architectures and programming environment and to reach the technical specifications provided by the chip manufacturers

Chinese Character Extraction

Extract handwritten Chinese characters from manuscripts


A simple API for the incredible handwriting recognition of Google IME

Font Embedding

efficiently embed Chinese fonts to webpages

Curriculum Vitae

Last Update: January 2021


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